Hi there!

My name is Frank, and Frank is what I am.

I was born in a small village near Paderborn, in northwestern Germany. That means a childhood of foosball, Schützenfest (though I never fired a gun) and all that other small town stuff, including the feeling that everybody knows everything you do. All the time.

I wanted to find out why that is and began to study psychology and linguistics.
I never did find out, but finished my studies in 2008.
After that I spent six months doing nothing, but doing it in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.
So for nothing, it was really quite something.

I grew up disliking advertising. Really.
Even when I started my way as a copywriter at Zum goldenen Hirschen Cologne in 2010.
But I began to realize it wasn’t advertising I hated, just bad advertising.

And that taught me something.
To think of both sides when I create ideas: the clients’ needs and the people’s perception.
Because advertising is the science and art of making them both happy.

So if you’re looking for a brave freelance creative who can kick a fake football and shoot a fake pigeon, get in touch.

Either at Hallo@frankhaala.com or you give me a call 0173 - 56 57 359


Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG:

Frank Haala
Wollankstrasse 21
13187 Berlin, Pankow


Telefon: 0173 56 57 359
E-Mail: hallo@frankhaala.com

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Frank Haala
Wollankstrasse 21
13187 Berlin


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